PCA is continuing to excitedly make plans for the upcoming school year! PCA’s administrative team is working diligently this summer to be ready for COVID-19 changes that may be required to protect the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of students. It is the desire of all faculty and staff members to provide a safe and effective learning environment for the upcoming school year. The new school year will begin as scheduled on August 11 under one of these scenarios.

Due to the ever-evolving pandemic situation, all policies and plans are subject to change based on recommended guidance.

Flex Learning
PCA’s flexible learning model includes an on-campus educational experience for all students with an emphasis on limiting populations in high-traffic areas, including hallways, cafeteria, gym, restrooms, etc.

Blended Learning
PCA’s blended learning environment is a hybrid of on-campus and online classes. Students will alternate between classroom and distance learning days on a fixed schedule to reduce the number of people on campus at any one time. 

Distance Learning
PCA’s distance learning model is an online learning experience for all students with a tentative on-campus schedule for assessments and standardized testing. 

PCA’s faculty members are attending professional development classes to ensure they are prepared for the best possible learning scenario that is implemented based on Alabama Department of Public Health recommendations. Over the next 4-5 weeks, specifics within each plan, according to grade levels, will be finalized and communicated based on current COVID-19 data and projections for when the new school year begins. 

For more information, contact Kim Stephenson, PCA’s Academic Director.

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