Prattville Christian Academy is accredited by two organizations, National Christian School Association and Cognia (formally Advanced Ed), every five years. PCA had its most recent accreditation visit in February 2016.

The purpose of an accreditation visit is to ensure that students are being served to the maximum potential. A team of individuals from various schools within the associations listed above conducts a thorough onsite review that provides information to the school about recommended areas of growth and highlights areas of excellence.

“The administrators on the accreditation team were very complimentary about many aspects of the educational experience PCA provides and provided effective feedback our team will put into consideration as we work toward future goals,” said Ron Mitchell, President.

The following commendations were notated in the accreditation team’s out brief.

– Excellence in professional development, academic emphasis and innovation.

– Strong leadership describes the school in every capacity.

– Excellence in allocation and use of resources; equity of resource distribution to need; level and

sustainability of resources; long-range capital and resource planning effectiveness.

– PCA is financially sound and poised to accomplish great things in the future. There is an

exciting plan in place to add needed facilities to an already attractive physical plant. The

academic team is committed to moving strategically and intentionally in a positive direction to

equip students for the next level.

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