PCA plans to implement the flex learning model to begin the 2020-2021 school year. This learning model is an on-campus educational experience for all students with an emphasis on limiting populations in high-traffic areas, and allows for everyone to practice recommended safety guidelines and social distancing precautions. Click here to review PCA’s age-appropriate campus protocols.

Building social skills and learning to play is an essential part of the preschool experience. PCA’s preschool team is working to keep students healthy while also minimizing the disruption to a five-day on campus schedule with recommended modifications.

Lower School
Students in grades K-5 will also follow a five-day schedule on campus with modifications that allows for recommended safety guidelines and social distancing precautions while also ensuring students feel a return to some normalcy in the classroom.

Middle and Upper School
PCA is adopting a full block schedule for students in grades 6-12 to minimize the spread of germs by using fewer classrooms on a given day and reducing the number of students in hallways during class changes. Students will have on-campus classes Monday through Thursday of every week, and Fridays will be utilized as digital learning days for students to complete assignments. Click here for block instructional information and schedules.

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