PCA’s reading intervention program is designed to assist students in grades K3-5 with all components of reading, including phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. The newly expanded program ensures that all students, regardless of ability, don’t just survive their school years, but thrive based on the services offered during a student’s formative years. All preschool and lower school students are assessed annually to determine grade-level reading skills and placed into appropriate reading groups to grow their skills during the school year.

Not all students will thrive in the classroom or small group sessions, and may need additional intervention to achieve reading success. PCA’s Orton-Gillingham (OG) trained reading coaches assess identified students multiple times during the school year, provide one-on-one Orton-Gillingham, Reading Readiness, and RTI-type intervention, assist with the provision of technology to enhance classroom studies, and develop individualized reading plans for each student enrolled in the program in accordance with specifications listed in the child’s educational diagnosis report.

Providing high-quality instruction in foundational reading skills, along with appropriate interventions, as early as Kindergarten, equips struggling readers for success in school and life while preserving self-esteem and possibly eliminating the need for special services in the future. Students enrolled in PCA’s reading intervention program THRIVE – Total Help in Reading Intervention for a Vital Education.

Reading Intervention Services

Diagnostic Testing | $100-$350
PCA contracts with trained psychometrists to administer diagnostics testing once a student is identified as a candidate for the educational battery of tests designed to diagnose dyslexia, ADHD, specific learning disorders, and determine IQ.  This fee is required in full when the testing contract is signed.

Dyslexia Intervention | $3,750
Identified students attend three 60-minute individual sessions each week during the school year. These one-on-one therapy sessions are uniquely tailored to the student’s needs and progress according to the student’s abilities. These services may be paid in full when the contract is signed or a 10-month payment plan is created and charged to your FACTS monthly in accordance with PCA’s Business Office. All intervention therapy is billed above the cost of tuition and fees for each student in the program.

For more information about PCA’s reading intervention program, contact Marcy Gore or Diane Shirah, Dyslexia Interventionists.

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