PCA is committed to providing an on-campus experience for all students, and is dedicated to protecting the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of its students during this most unusual school year. All decisions are based on creating a learning environment for students where they can thrive while building in measures for safety. As you review this information, please be reminded that it is the responsibility of everyone to do their best to keep PCA’s campus healthy and thriving. Whether it’s temperature checks, face coverings, or social distancing, PCA is relying on every person to do their part. 

Due to the ever-evolving pandemic situation, all policies and plans are subject to change based on recommended guidance.

Cleaning / Sanitizing Procedures
All cleaning supplies will be provided by PCA as well as newly installed hand sanitizing stations posted throughout campus. Faculty and staff will follow a strict schedule for daily cleaning. In addition to clean surfaces, PCA is making major modifications to the campus’ HVAC units. Prior to the first day of school, Fresh-Aire Tubular-Germicidal UV Light Kits will be installed in the air conditioning units that service high-traffic areas, including hallways, restrooms, gymnasium, lunchroom, kitchen, IDEA Lab, PCA’s Tanglewood Coffee House, and football field house. The light kit is a tested system that kills mold, bacteria and viruses in HVAC systems as well as irradiates coil and air handler interiors, and keeps air handling components cleaner.  

Mask Hygiene
Masks hygiene and proper use of them is essential for maintaining a healthy campus. While masks are not required to be worn at all times, when they are necessary, students must know what to do to protect others. PCA’s mask guidelines vary based on grade level. In accordance with CDC guidelines, PCA-provided masks must cover the student’s nose and mouth completely and must be cleaned after one (daily) use. 

Grades K3-1
Students will have a classroom set of masks that will only be used as group activities require interaction within a six foot radius. Once used, these masks will be cleaned for future use

Grades 2-12
PCA will provide one mask to each student. Families can supplement with additional masks in PCA colors (solid or print). Students who forget their mask may purchase a disposable one from the front office for $1. These disposable masks must be thrown away after one day’s use.

COVID-19 Outbreaks
Despite PCA’s best efforts, it’s possible that confirmed COVID-19 cases appear on campus during the school year. PCA’s protocols are designed to protect the student body while minimizing the disruption to the learning process. Click here to read PCA’s full policy on suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

To access PCA’s non-coronavirus student health policies, click here. For more information on PCA’s medical policies, contact Janet Brackins, RN, School Nurse. 

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