The Taylor family is beginning their fifth year as a Panther family! They came to Prattville Christian Academy on the recommendation of a trusted neighbor and have enjoyed their experiences as a part of PCA’s lower school.

Dr. Bruce and Danica Taylor
Bruce II and Jyrah 

How long has your family been a part of the PCA family?
Our family has been a part of the PCA family since 2015, when our oldest child, Bruce, began Kindergarten. 

Why did you make the switch to PCA? 
We chose PCA based on a neighbor’s recommendation, small class sizes, additional classes such as Bible and Spanish, and the ability of our children to remain with one school through graduation.

What factors influenced your decision to enroll at PCA?
Our decision was influenced and confirmed by the interview with Mrs. Heartsill, PCA’s Lower School Principal. We could feel her compassion for the students and the work she does. We left feeling like she listened and heard us. We were impressed with her interactions with our son during the interview and her ability to recognize his needs. 

How has PCA helped your children thrive?
PCA has helped our children thrive by providing a variety of resources and nurturing academic environments conducive to learning. 

What advice would you give families who are considering PCA?
Our advice to families considering PCA is to meet with others – faculty, staff, families,  and students. PCA is genuinely vested in the students’ future beyond their time on campus. 

What do your children like best about PCA?
Jyrah, our daughter in second grade, said that she likes that “the people at PCA are really sweet, and if you do something bad, they forgive you right away.” Bruce, our son in fifth grade, said that he likes “the way they teach, the teachers make you want to learn.”

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