The Wesch family is new to the Panther community this year! They came to Prattville Christian Academy after an out-of-state move brought them to the area. While Savana ’25, Logan ’26, and Emilie ’28 are new to everything since moving, they’ve instantly plugged into the school and local community.

Eric and Heather Wesch
Savana, Logan, and Emilie

What factors influenced your decision to enroll at PCA?
We were looking for a school that provided the whole package. Our kids are lucky enough to have attended schools in the top school districts in Florida and Tennessee, so to say we were a little spoiled is an understatement. Not only was their education top-notch, facilities, and opportunities between educational activities and sports were endless. Moving to this area, we wanted them to continue to receive the same level of education and opportunities they previously had. We were skeptical the first day we visited PCA – neither my husband nor I had attended a private school before, so we didn’t know what to expect. In all honesty, we didn’t want to like it, but from the minute we walked through the doors, we not only felt like we belonged, we thought to ourselves, our kids would love it here! Not to mention, PCA was regularly recommended by business partners in the area!

How did PCA meet the needs of your family better than other area schools?
Several things…the campus and facilities are very nice.

Size – our kids have always attended large public schools. Since we were always zoned for the best school districts in the state, the schools were large, as were the classroom sizes (and teacher to student ratios). We wanted a smaller, more intimate experience for our kids so they would get more one on one attention.

Curriculum – we didn’t want one size fits all and were looking for an education for our kids that was more specific to each of them. We also wanted them to have opportunities to take classes they wouldn’t have available to them at just any other school.

Athletics – we are an active family and our kids enjoy sports. I really liked that participating in multiple sports is supported and encouraged at PCA.

Location – we had decided to build in a neighborhood just off the interstate so that my husband’s commute to Montgomery was manageable. The distance to the school couldn’t be beaten, and with three kids all active on campus, I knew being close to school would be necessary.

How have your children acclimated to the PCA family so far?
I guess you could say we jumped right in with both feet and never looked back!  My daughter is a competitive cheerleader, so there was no doubt she wanted to try out for the squad. The staff at PCA made sure I was in contact with the Cheer Director and coaches shortly after our first visit to the school to ensure we had all the details around tryouts in the spring. Since we were still living in Tennessee through the end of the school year, we knew we would need to make some trips down so my daughter could attend tryouts.  Everyone was so wonderful, and they kept in constant communication with me so we wouldn’t miss a beat.  My daughter successfully completed tryouts virtually and was thrilled to receive the news that she had made the squad. Practices started via Zoom in May; therefore, she quickly got to know the girls on her squad. When we finally moved into our new home (on a Friday), she started practices on campus the following Monday. No downtime for her!  She fit right in and has quickly made new friends.

In that first week, several parents shared with me that football conditioning had already started, so I reached out to the football coach and he promptly replied providing us with all the details for our son to start practicing with the team. My son started football that following Monday. Both have made new friends and they already feel like a part of the PCA family!

My youngest is in 5th grade and has not had an opportunity to get involved in the school just yet; however, we are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where many PCA families reside, so she has already gotten to know some PCA kids at the neighborhood pool this summer!

What are you most excited about for this school year?
What am I not most excited for is probably a better question! The classes, the athletics, the friendships, all of it! In all seriousness, I am really excited for this change for my kids. I know they will all thrive at PCA and I’m looking forward to watching each of them find their way through graduation as a PCA Panther!

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