The Board of Directors of Prattville Christian Academy take our responsibility to oversee the school very seriously. We continually work closely with the president who leads the operation of our school while meeting the expectations we set annually. We meet at least monthly and remain directly involved in four areas – policy setting and oversight, strategic planning, financial monitoring and parent communication. Directors only have authority or power when we meet together, no director has any power or decision-making ability alone.

Policy Setting and Oversight
The board is directly responsible for setting PCA policies and providing oversight as they are implemented. Each handbook and policy used at PCA is given to the board for consideration, prayer, and change. After consensus, the policies are given to administration to enact and enforce. Over the history of our school, administration has demonstrated the ability to embrace policies the board provides them and consistently enact them on a daily basis. The board controls PCA policies and oversees their implementation.

Strategic Planning
Each summer the board meets with senior PCA administrators in a lengthy planning meeting. At that meeting, the board evaluates the previous year’s list of action items to determine what has been accomplished based on our instructions. The group discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing our school. The result of this process is an updated strategic plan and a list of action items the board gives administration with instructions for implementation. The board sets the plan and then oversees the implementation.

Financial Monitoring
In December of each year, the board works with senior PCA administration to build a line-by-line budget showing expected revenue and proposed expenses for the upcoming year. The board makes adjustments to the budget and provides it to administration with an approved compensation increase for employees. Each month during implementation, administration provides the Board Finance Committee a complete set of financial statements including a list of revenue and expenses that are compared against the budget. A CPA on the board performs an internal monthly audit to look for irregularities, making certain that funds are being spent according to budget. The board determines the budget and then assures the school is financially sound and properly funded.

Parent Communication
Board members attend nearly every PCA event and are available for discussion with parents. The board encourages parents to resolve concerns with administration but remains available to review problems as needed. The policies set by the board allow a clear and easy means of parent-to-board communication in any case where the president of the school has been unable to provide adequate solutions or the president is the source of a parent’s complaint. Parents may send a letter or email to the Chairman of the Board requesting a review of the grievance by the Board Appeals Committee. This committee will review the request and if needed meet with the parent to further discuss the grievance. The board stays available and has set policy that allows for parent to board communication.

By remaining directly involved in these four areas, PCA’s board provides solid oversight while allowing administration to lead the day-to-day operation of our school.

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