Prattville Christian Academy’s upper school seeks to prepare students for the world they will face once they leave our halls. Each student has been given passions and gifts from God. We help our students realize these blessings and work to cultivate talents with the hope that they will use their gifts to benefit the Kingdom of God. The paths our students take as they become adults will not be easy even when the wisest decisions are made. They will be required to offer their very finest in order to be successful in this world. Therefore, we seek to prepare our students to thrive in the midst of challenges and to be independent problem solvers. We also require the best they have to offer so that they may realize their full potential. Most importantly, our faculty and staff strive to implant the Living Word into the lives of our students so that they may be firmly rooted in Truth. We are honored to partner with you as you seek to prepare your child for their future. We pray for the incomparable riches that God has to offer in their lives and joyfully embrace the journey of the school year.

Katie Furr
Upper School Principal

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