For most families, sending their children to a private school is a financial sacrifice for the greater good, an investment in their future, an intentional action to provide them with something not available in other educational settings. Of all the questions asked, one of the most common is “why?” What truly makes PCA different from other high-achieving, well-managed schools in our area? Why Christian education?

Prattville Christian Academy is a Christian school not only in name, but in practice, action, and belief. As a true Christian school, PCA is structured to think, create, feel, design curriculum, present lessons, disciple kids, and partner with parents in a completely different way. Believing that God is the author of everything means that He has a perspective about all things, including math, science, art, relationships, art, and every other aspect of life. We are His people doing His work in simple but powerful ways. 

The key to our success has been and continues to be the culture that allows us to intentionally share Christ’s love with others; it’s who we are and why we exist. We’ve been successful because we place God at the center of all we do and don’t work to continually remove Him from the educational process. We talk about our mission field openly and pray about it often. Whether it’s students praying on the intercom to open our school day, dedicated days to serving others through spiritual emphasis initiatives, or providing a Christian worldview in all subjects, we are doing the work of the Lord. 

The PCA family faithfully carries out this mission and believe strongly in the culture we’ve built. Whether it’s a faculty or staff member, board member, or administrator, we aim to share His love at all times regardless of the situation. There is an unwavering dedication to “be Christ” to others. We know that the best way to lead a student to Christ and then grow their relationship with Him is through personal example. Faculty and staff members always work to “see Christ” in our students, parents, and each other. PCA’s “see Christ, be Christ” philosophy is one of the beauties of living in Christian community. 

“I send my daughter to private school because she learns about God every day,” said Rachel Mulligan, PCA parent. “She is at no risk of losing her right to say the pledge, having a moment of silence, learning about the Bible, or even saying God’s name. She’s learning that God loves everyone, no matter their skin color. She deserves the best, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure she always get the best even if that means paying a car payment for private school.” 

Prattville Christian Academy doesn’t do all things right at just the right time. It’s not perfect. No relationship, organization or community ever is. Perfection is elusive; something we always strive for but never fully attain. But, for those who chosen to be a part of the PCA family, pray for it, and support it, most days are pretty great! As you consider which educational option is best for your children and family, it is our prayer that we provide you with the information necessary to make such an important and potentially life-changing decision. It is our desire to partner with you to prepare your children to be bold, confident, Christian leaders today and in the future.

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