Whether you are new to the area or just want to explore your options, we greatly appreciate your interest in Prattville Christian Academy.  There are a number of educational opportunities available to young people in our area, and it is our hope that you will find PCA to be the right choice for your family.  Let us take this opportunity to tell you who we are, where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going.

Who Are We?

Prattville Christian Academy (PCA) is a private, independently incorporated organization dedicated solely to providing academic excellence in a caring Christian environment. We are dedicated to Kingdom Education, all faculty and staff are faithful Christians. Prattville Christian Academy is non-denominational and not under the direction of any church, an independent board of Christian directors controls it.

Our mission at PCA is to create a meaningful difference by preparing Christian leaders for life. The children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, and our aim is to make the world of tomorrow a place that is full of hope and security.

Prattville Christian Academy is committed to building faith in God, love of His Word, and respect for His creation.  We are committed to providing a quality, Christ-centered, Bible-based education in a caring Christian environment, with emphasis on the individual and the importance of the family.  We are committed to preparing qualified students for future success without preference to gender, race, or national origin.

Unlike some private schools, our funding does not come from a large foundation, church or a single group that dictates our decisions. Instead, we are exclusively funded by tuition and fees gathered from students and by private donations from people like you who are interested in developing a strong Christian school in our area. This helps us be more flexible and responsive to the needs immediately facing our students and their families.

Where Have We Been?

Prattville Christian Academy was founded in 1997 with 13 students, as a vision of Don and Marilyn Greer.  At that time, there were few if any options for a Christian education in the Prattville-Millbrook area. Classes were held in Hunter Hills Church a few hundred yards from where the current buildings stand. In 2000, as the school grew it became necessary to build our first building, which is now the elementary building.  Soon after that, the school had outgrown that building and was in need of even more classroom space. Construction began on the student center and upper school building began in 2008, and it was completed the following year.

Where Are We Now?

Prattville Christian Academy now has an approximate enrollment of 700 students from grades K3 through 12. The PCA course of study includes classes in math, language arts, social studies, and the sciences.  In addition to core academics, PCA offers instruction in physical education and the liberal arts, such as music, art, drama, and foreign language.  Bible classes and devotional periods are part of each student’s day.  We also offer a wide range of extracurricular activities including band, choir, drama, journalism, speech and debate as well as a full athletic program.

Accreditation by AdvancEd and the National Christian School Association (NCSA) differentiates PCA from other private schools in the area.  Credits earned at PCA are completely transferable to any other public school as well as colleges/universities throughout the world.

Caring, State-certified teachers are foremost among the many benefits that a PCA education provides.  We have been blessed to attract the interest of some of the most talented and devoted teachers in this area.  From this group, we have chosen those teachers whose hearts and minds are completely focused on Kingdom Education and helping children to obtain maximum results not only in the classroom but also in life.

Where Are We Going?

The blessings of God have allowed Prattville Christian Academy to continue tremendous growth since its start in 1997. In order to extend our ministry to more students, we are planning for expansion of our facilities. Because we receive no federal, state or local funding for our school, we depend on donations from supporters of Christian education to fund construction of new facilities. We ask for your prayers as we continue to provide Kingdom Education to our students, families, and staff. We appreciate you joining others who have a heart for Christian education and a sincere desire to serve students with a spiritual formation that is enhanced by outstanding education and extracurricular activities. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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