Preschool is an exciting and important time for a child to begin their spiritual, emotional and academic journey. We offer a nurturing and loving environment, reflecting the love of Christ, which sets a foundation for their academic success. To meet our goal we focus on building relationships, providing challenging, creative and exploratory classrooms, and by encouraging our students to reach their overall potential.

We love getting to know our students and catering to their specific learning style, allowing for continuing academic and emotional success.  We encourage creativity in the classroom including allowing students to take part in exploratory learning which promotes curiosity. The love and enthusiasm of the staff create an enjoyable and fun learning experience for the students. The overall caring and safe atmosphere is an essential part of our school.

It is our passion to encourage our young students to explore learning, embrace success, as well as, failure and prepare them to love others as Christ loves us. We look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your child’s beginning educational experience as we partner with you to help them reach their spiritual, emotional and academic potential.

Eugenia Vaughn, M.Ed.
Preschool Director

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