Prattville Christian Academy strives to nurture a love for the Lord and a love for learning. PCA offers a Cognia-accredited college preparatory academic program. The program is tailored to help ensure the success of students in post high school academic programs.  From the beginning of a student’s academic experience at PCA, faculty and staff members will be focused on providing them with the best possible academic programs that combine with spiritual and athletic programs to facilitate future success.

PCA uses the Alabama College and Career Readiness standards as benchmarks for content taught in various grades. We have found that these standards are a good alignment of subject matter, work to incorporate technology into course work, and promote the critical thinking skills your children need to succeed in college testing and attendance. These standards also align with the SAT and ACT, the college entrance exams for which we seek to successfully prepare students. In addition to these standards, PCA requires faith infusion into every academic course.

As an independent Christian school, Prattville Christian Academy is not required to adopt any federal or state educational standards or programs that affect curriculum, courses of study or teaching techniques.  We reserve the right to determine alignment of standards and do so with careful consideration. At PCA, we monitor and use standards that meet our mission to give our students the best possible opportunity to succeed.

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