Prattville Christian Academy partners with FACTS Management Company to administer payment programs. This partnership allows your family to pay tuition and annual fees according to the payment plan option that best works for you, making Christian education a possibility for families.

Tuition and fees payments are processed automatically on the 2nd or 16th of the month. Payment plan options include 12 months, semi-annually, or annually. Automatic payments may be processed from a checking or savings account for no additional fee or by a credit or debit card for an additional fee. All miscellaneous charges such as field trips, meals, sports packages, etc., are invoiced on the 28th of each month to be paid automatically on the 10th of the following month. In addition, FACTS allows multiple financial accounts (checking, savings, credit, or debit card) to be stored in the system for payment plan charges and incidental expenses.  

Based on the payment plan selected, an annual FACTS payment plan charge of $20-50 is assessed per family. This fee is paid automatically within 14 days of the selected plan being finalized by PCA’s Business Office and is collected using the payment method established for payment plans. Families may choose to receive payment plan and incidental expense reminders via text or email so there are no surprises when payments are automatically processed; communication is sent four business days in advance of each authorized payment.

For more information, contact Pat Scott or Lara Williams in PCA’s Business Office. 

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