Chromebooks are issued to students in grades 6-9. Students receive an 11.6 inch Asus Chromebook. New students will receive their devices during the first week of school if all technology forms are completed and an approved case is presented.

Grades 6-7: Asus C204EE
Grades 8-9: Asus C202SA

Chromebook Protective Case Criteria
In lieu of mandating backpacks that accommodate the devices, we are only mandating cases. Students may carry any backpack of their choosing. The case must “snap on.” It cannot be able to slip off in a backpack or during normal use. Every student must have a case on their device at all times. Random checks and consequences will be given to those students without a case on their computer.

Case Options

204EE Cases:

For more information, contact Laura Ann Scott, Technology Director.

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