Prattville Christian Academy is accredited by two organizations, National Christian School Association and Cognia (formally Advanced Ed) every five years. The purpose of an accreditation visit is to ensure that students are being served to the maximum potential. A team of individuals from various schools within the associations listed above conducts a thorough onsite review that provides information to the school about recommended areas of growth and highlights areas of excellence.

PCA most recently completed its 5-year accreditation process through the National Christian School Association (NCSA) for dual NCSA and Cognia accreditation in February 2021. The school met all standards fully and received an “A” from the accreditation team.

During the review process, the accreditation team noted the following special commendations unique to PCA as a NCSA private school.  

  • Pursuing and reaching the National Blue Ribbon School designation 
  • Creation of specialized student learning options outside the general classroom through resource and gifted programs
  • Exceptional COVID pivot to sustain student learning and progress

Several powerful school practices were also observed by the accreditation team while visiting campus. 

  • Evident Christian imprint
  • Relationship formation at the classroom and school-level of a family atmosphere
  • Biblical integration across all classrooms, subjects, and grade-levels with no deficiencies noted
  • Quality education in which every class showed: challenging but attainable education, high expectations for every student, evident differentiation in classrooms, great teacher/student relationships 
  • Strong administration and board leadership 
  • All faculty and staff represent PCA well through all aspects of the school: classroom level, school level, food service, athletics, and cleanliness of the campus

In coordination with the accreditation visit, PCA’s administrative team has developed a new School Improvement Plan that the school community will work toward over the next five years to continue to improving and growing as a leader in education. 

  • Addition of physical space
  • Exposure to expanded post-secondary school education and career options for students
  • Spiritual growth of students, faculty, and staff
  • Increased written policy, procedures, and formalized process documentation

“The administrators on the accreditation team were very complimentary about many aspects of the educational experience PCA provides and provided effective feedback our team will put into consideration as we work toward future goals,” said Dr. Ron Mitchell, President.

For more information contact Kim Stephenson, Academic Director.

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