PCA holds a spring art contest annually to showcase the varied artistic abilities of students in grades K-12. General information about the show as well as contest rules, categories, and artwork entry forms are listed below.

2021 Art Contest

This year’s art contest will accept entries from April 26-29. All entries should be placed in the boxes labeled “Art Contest Entries” in the lobby of both buildings. Winners will be announced on April 30.

General Information

Grade Divisions:
Kindergarten and 1st grade
2nd and 3rd grade
4th and 5th grade
6th and 7th grade
8th and 9th grade
10th – 12th grades

Ribbons will be awarded for first, second and third place in each category for each grade division at judge’s discretion. The Best of Show designation will be awarded to one entry in each grade division.

Contest Rules

All artwork must be new to this year’s competition.  Artwork shown in previous art shows at PCA will be disqualified.

All entries must be completely original, and the student(s) must do the workmanship ONLY.  Adults may only offer advice and encouragement.

Commercial molds are NOT acceptable in the Ceramics division; however, the painting of a ceramic piece made from a mold would be eligible for judging in the Painting division.

Artwork made from a commercial kit is not typically considered “original.”

The subject matter of all artwork must be in keeping with the principles outlined in the handbook.  Therefore entries of a violent or vulgar nature and entries depicting inappropriately dressed characters will not be permitted in the competition. Other entries not deemed appropriate for viewing by elementary and middle school audiences may also be removed at the discretion of the art instructor, judge, counselor, principal, or the president of the school.

No copyrighted character or logo may be submitted for competition without significant alteration from its original form.  

No frames allowed.

Size limitations are as follows:
3-Dimensional artwork size maximum is 4’x4’.
All other categories must be smaller than 3’x3’.
Folding is allowed for fabric-type entries.

Each piece of artwork MUST have a completed entry form firmly attached to the back. Blank entry forms are linked below. If a form cannot be printed, the information required may be handwritten on the back of the entry.


Students may enter no more than two pieces of artwork in each category. For example, if a student entered the maximum number of pieces in every category, they would enter 22 pieces of art.

  • Fiber Art – Examples include quilting, weaving, needlework, basket weaving, papermaking, etc. not from patterns or kits
  • Painting – Examples include oils, acrylics, liquid crayons, work on flat glass, etc.
  • Water base *excluding acrylic – Examples include watercolor, tempera, finger paints, watercolor pencils or crayons, etc.
  • Non-Color Drawing *in dry media – Examples include pen and ink, graphite, pencil, black felt tip, charcoal, etc.
  • Drawing Color *in dry media – Examples include pastel chalk, oil pastel, colored pencil, crayon, colored markers, etc.
  • Printmaking *no computer graphics – Examples include silkscreen, etchings, wood burning, wood block, linoleum block, potato prints, thumbprints, nature prints, paper projects, etc.
  • Three Dimensional Arts/Crafts – There must be at least one flat side for hanging on a flat surfaceExamples include sculpture, ceramics or pottery, jewelry, etc.
  • Photography – Camera work must be done by the student. Entries must be no larger than 5” x 7” for Elementary students and no larger than 11” x 14” for High School students. NO ALTERING OF PHOTOS IS ALLOWED, although computer programs may be used to crop the photograph to the contest size dimensions or change the photo to black and white. Entries may be matted, but it is not a requirement. Examples include black and white photography or color photography
  • Collage/Mixed Media – Examples include designs using a variety of materials, cut or torn, and pasted in place, designs utilizing two or more art media in one project such as pen and ink over watercolor.
  • Computer-Altered Images – Any photography or artwork made, enhanced, or changed in any way by computerized technology. Please print a copy of your work for judging. Entries may be up to 11” x 14”.
  • Group Projects – Any group of students in the same grade division may enter this category up to two times per person.

For more information, contact Sheri Sessions, Art Show Coordinator.

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