PCA’s Upper School Guidance Office strives to recognize the uniqueness of each student, to empower and help nurture students to succeed socially, educationally, and spiritually. We value the relationship we have with our teachers, parents, and the community as we all work together in this journey to move our students to their next great adventure. It is our hope that by being a part of the PCA family, each student will desire to be a lifelong learner productive member of their community and servant to others.  We’ve developed the following philosophies and beliefs as it relates to our office. 

The professional school counselor serving PCA believes:

  • Every student is unique and has ability of some kind.
  • All students will be successful in their own way.
  • School counseling is an essential and integral part of the overall education process.
  • All students will have access to a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program run by a masters level, state certified professional school counselor. 
  • The school counseling program involves all students, through the use of four components: Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services/Referrals, Individual Care Planning and System Support.
  • All students’ dignity and culture, including race, ethnicity, gender, abilities, disabilities, religion, socio-economic status, is respected and valued.
  • What can a school counselor do for parents and teachers?

A school counselor can…

  • Collaborate with parents and the classroom teacher to discuss concerns about their child, particularly related to social, behavioral, and emotional issues.
  • Work with parents and teachers in developing behavioral plans for a child who is experiencing behavior difficulties in school.
  • Provide resources for children and parents on a variety of topics.
  • Refer parents to resources in the community to meet varied needs.
  • Teach guidance lessons in the classroom on a variety of topics.
  • Help children resolve conflicts with peers.
  • Include children in small groups on a variety of topics.
  • Meet with a child who was referred to the counselor through self referral, parent, teacher, or an administrator referral.
  • Provide a safe, confidential environment for children to express and cope with feelings associated with loss, change of situation, or a variety of other circumstances.
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