Since opening its doors in 1997, the primary focus at Prattville Christian Academy has always been to honor God and grow the PCA family closer to Christ. In addition to a strong college preparedness focus, PCA infuses life readiness skills into all curriculum and programs. This strategic emphasis enables students to be better prepared for whatever path they choose after high school.

Mission Statement
Prattville Christian Academy seeks to create a meaningful difference by preparing Christian leaders for life.

Vision Statement
We believe that everyone has the ability to change the world through the use of God- given talents. At PCA, we glorify Him by guiding students to discover their purpose within this life through the cultivation of their spiritual, academic, physical and emotional development. Through personal example and individual relationships, we develop confident, independent thinkers that find purpose in the pursuit of life.

Norms are informal guidelines about what is considered normal social behavior in a particular group. Norms form the basis of collective expectations that members of a community have from each other. In short, “the way we do things around here.”

PCA’s Norms
Inspire Exploration
Chase Dreams
Fail Forward
Share the Experience
Discover Truth
Embrace the Journey

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