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PCA’s Junior Varsity and Varsity cheerleading squads were hard at work during last week’s Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Cheer Camp. While camp looked a lot different due to COVID-19, the event, held on campus this year, was a success with a majority of the squads earning the coveted UCA All-American Award – the association’s highest honor.

UCA All American Award

Junior Varsity
Ella Grace Byrd
Lilly Alexander
Savana Wesch
Kyndall Stubblefield
Madyson Roy
Hailey Carmack

Anna Connell
McKenzie Winslett
Malia Roberson
Peyton Cobb
Kiya Mitchell
Lilly Speaks
Pearson Goff
Ella Montiel
Brady Roberson
Jennins Thompson
Amanda Lamar
Austin Nordquist
Noah Bowman

Cheer Camp Awards

Junior Varsity
Hardest Worker: Lilly Alexander
Top Veteran: Ella Grace Byrd
Most Coachable: Hailey Carmack
Sharpest: Madyson Roy
Pin It Forward: Kyndall Stubblefield and Hailey Carmack
Rookie of the Week: Rylee Brown

Cheerleader of the week: Austin Nordquist
Top Veteran: Anna Connell
Toughest Cheerleader: Peyton Cobb
Pin it Forward: Brady Hardman and McKenzie Winslett
Rookie of the Week: Noah Bowman
Sharpest: Jennins Thompson
Most Coachable: Addison Dickey

Stephanie Alexander, PCA’s JV Cheer Coach, and Jennifer Goff, PCA’s Varsity Cheer Coach, are both to their roles at PCA and C pleased with the squads’ performances during camp week.

“We had such a great week with the UCA instructors,” said Stephanie Alexander, PCA’s JV Cheer Coach. “They challenged our girls to work as one squad – varsity and JV united. It was pretty amazing to watch. God has big plans for us this year! Our squads are ready to encourage all athletes and students during this very “different” school year ahead of us!”

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