New Opportunities Arise in PCA’s Servant Leadership Academy

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At PCA, there are many students who possess the ability to lead their peers in a distinguished and Christ-like manner. The Servant Leadership Academy (SLA), a recently-introduced program, represents PCA’s mission of “preparing Christian leaders” and is a unique opportunity to refine the abilities of the school’s students by helping them to become faithful role-models for those around them. 

Katie Furr, the incoming head of school, explains that the goal of this program is to “build positive Christian leadership within our student leaders by discussing leadership principles and demonstrating leadership in action.” She hopes that this academy will enable students to “lead more effectively within the current spheres of their influence and beyond.” Mrs. Furr elucidates that the creation of SLA was initiated because she felt that students were told to lead but never given the proper resources; “There’s such great material out there, and I felt like we just needed to use it.”  At its best, this program will result not only in improved leadership among the students, but also equip them with life-long skills to be used outside of PCA.  

“I hope to see Godly leadership rise up in our student body that will affect our school, the families involved and the communities we live in,” explains the campus minister, Scott Schumpert. Mr. Schumpert anticipates that SLA will “help [student leaders] realize their leadership styles and use those strengths as a whole for God’s kingdom.” Alyssa Birchmeier, a student who has been nominated to participate in SLA, is excited for the opportunity to work alongside her fellow Junior Civitan officers and use the methods discussed during meetings to “grow the club to have a greater impact around the school and the community.” Additionally, she hopes “this program will be a way that [she] can be exposed to new leadership techniques, especially with a Christian viewpoint.” 

The meetings will include a diverse roster of speakers, including a former SEC player, College World Series coach, collegiate-level SGA president, and many more. The group plans to meet once a month in the coffee shop during Digital Fridays. Coaches and sponsors will have the opportunity for discussion and goal setting with their respective club or sport. Congratulations to those who have been nominated for this unique opportunity!        

By: Genesis Russell ’24
Journalism Student

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